i82580 forced link up and Tx
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2015-10-28 12:08:12 UTC

I'm trying to do i82580 forced link up. (1G fiber)
My current configuration is that RX port 0 is connected to IXIA packet
generator tx port
and TX port 0 remained not connected to anything.
I wish the packets received from the RX port 0 to be transmitted to TX
port 1 which is connected to rx port of IXIA generator.
However, the RX port 1 is not connected to anything.

I set the PCS link control registers in the two ports in order for
their links to be up as forced method.
PCS link control registers are set with bits FLV, FSV, FDV, FSD, Force
link, etc.
The links of the two port were up successfully 1G and Full-duplex
without auto-negotiation,

My problem is as follows :

Data is well received from IXIA through RX port0,
and my DPDK application says the data are sent through the TX port1.
But IXIA generator cannot receive anything form the my TX port1.

How can I fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.