Enabling RSS options?
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Aris Pikeas
2015-11-10 05:49:12 UTC
I've built the latest (2.16.4) version of ixgbevf on Ubuntu 15.04. I have an issue where only the first (rx-0) of two receive queues is being used. While attempting to debug this, I noticed that I was unable to view or change RSS settings:

# ethtool --show-rxfh-indir eth0
Cannot get RX ring count: Operation not supported

I see that patch https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/497193/ was accepted, but those changes don't seem to be present in the 2.16.4 source? I'm very unfamiliar with the kernel driver ecosystem, so these may be malformed questions, but:

a) Why are these changes in the kernel source tree but not in ixgbevf source tree?
b) What's the best way to integrate these changes myself, and will this break anything?
c) Are there any other relevant changes missing from 2.16.4?